Shelter for the Night

Shelter for the Night info Five young black men came down from the bus, some talking on the phone, some looking around, as if they didn’t know where they are. It’s twenty past ten at night, it’s cold and it’s raining all the time. They’ve...

Feeling Homeland by Means of Football

Many people have put all their senses at the Luzhniki football stadium in Moscow. But even before the final match, this football championship has taken the attention of the world. But it has also served to make homeland abroad; For many (now) Basque citizens who came from different countries it has been an excuse to join people who came from their same country and to enjoy it together: to applaud, celebrate, comfort each other …

Via WIFI in La Habana

Via WIFI in La Habana info Since July 2015, the main streets of Havana in Cuba, has become the meeting place of Cubans who seek to connect to the internet via wifi operated by the state company ETECSA. Mobile phones, tablets and computers used to talk via...


Looking for Some Future

As other routes they used to travel from Africa to Europe where getting harder, more and more african migrants decided to try crossing the border in Irun

Traditional Way Pig Slaughtering

Pig slaughter is a popular tradition existing in various European countries, widespread since ancient times and made by hand, with different peculiarities depending on the place in which it is held. It is performed once a year, traditionally takes place in the autumn and early winter, as the cold is required as a natural method of preserving the relatively large quantities of meat during the butchering.

KORRIKA, running to promote a language

Korrika (‘Running’ in Basque) is a symbolic biannual race where participants run across the Basque Country to promote their language and encourage people to speak it; and to collect funds for Basque language teaching centres for adults. As they run, participants carry a baton which they pass from hand to hand, kilometre upon kilometre, without interruption.

40 Marches, 40 Prisons

More than 25 years after started the policy of dispersion against the Basque political prisoners, the Basque pro-independence left party organized 40 marches to 40 Spanish prisons and mobilized 74 buses and more than 4,300 people.


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